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Mexican celebrity got her puppy from, us.


Numerous Puppies, they have a great variety to choose from. They are always pleasant, and do everything they can to make me happy. Ordering is quite easy. They always deliver within the time they quote. Their customer service is the best of any site I have visited. I had a couple of returns, and they made it very easy. I am so happy i ordered Daisy from them. She is just a healthy and active darling and they delivered her crossed America on time. They work very hard to make the customer happy, and always ask how I would rate the overall experience. I would recommend them.

Edith Powel

Your puppies are just adorable. Just wanted to write a review about you guys. They treated me well when i purchased my puppy from them. They delivered at my work just like i wanted and everything went on well. Christina

Christina Stowe

gracias por el precioso cachorro. Usted ha hecho mi familia tan feliz.

Alejandro Jimenez

Fast delivery. Nice

Clara Pite

They have good prices. Delivery cost was a bit much as i am a single mom but i am happy i got my puppy in the end.

Dianne Clark

Their puppies are so cheap. If you wanna buy a pomeranian puppy, get one at teapomhome.com! It is good but everything else is awesome! Everything on their site is simple to use. I like the site and I think they do great. Good customer service unlike most sites. They have great security. They don't let some hackers steal your information. They do such a great job keeping your personal information with all these millions of people! Great job.!

John Hufstard

I read a few reviews that frightened me and I had contacted a seller to purchase a puppy from craigslist where they tried to scam me so I was already concerned. But I am glad I went through this website. I met up with the puppy owners and they were such great people, gave us; food, training tips, vaccination records, and a shot that the puppy will need in a few days. Best thing I have done by far. As a buyer you just have to be a few steps ahead and only ship puppies deals with breeders like this. As much as you want them home with you, you must take the patience to find the right breeder

Monica Ganders

i would recommend you guys. Thumbs up.

Stephanie Yebit