We Are Puppy Enthusiasts!


I’ve worked 25 years as a vet volunteer, retired two years ago, i got two Rottweilers a male and female Rottweilers as pets, every once in a while, i have a litter which post on this website for any body wishing to offer a home.

Now, i know these puppies don’t come cheap, no one should convince you they do, it cost allot for the artificial insemination, monitoring, c-section etc… to achieve such beautiful puppies, but considering the experiences i have in the domain, i can breed at a very minimal cost. I believe that this puppies should not be sold. The prices you would find on our website is just a minimal cost to cover expenses.

I hope you find my website useful, you may click the “AVAILABLE PUPPIES” tab in navigation bar to see list of available puppies. If we don’t have any available, you can send an inquiry to be put on the wait list of future litter.